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    • The Serpent's Cave show

      The Serpent's Cave

      Richard Terry searches for a deadly serpent in a cave and finds himself stuck in a narrow tunnel.

    • Death Bat show

      Death Bat

      Does a giant flesh-eating bat exist in southern Mexico?

    • Aquatic Giant in the Shallows show

      Aquatic Giant in the Shallows

      Adventurer Richard Terry is in Mekong, Thailand investigating attacks by a giant aquatic creature.

    • Huge Spiders show

      Huge Spiders

      Is there a new species of mega spider lurking in the Amazon rainforest? Eeek!

    • To the Bat Cave! show

      To the Bat Cave!

      Richard Terry goes into a cave in Indonesia in search of the elusive bat-like creature that is tormenting villagers.

    • A Beast in the Brush show

      A Beast in the Brush

      Nighttime approaches, and Richard Terry finds something lurking in the very place he found shelter.

    • Salty Tigers show

      Salty Tigers

      Richard starts to make sense of the multiple tiger attacks in the Sundarbans of Eastern India.