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    • Walking On The Moon show

      Walking On The Moon

      Zeb is walking on the bottom of the river in the hopes of finding sturgeon eggs.

    • Fish On! show

      Fish On!

      Something big is on the end of the line, and Zeb hopes it’s the bull shark he’s been looking for.

    • Anything Fried Is Good! show

      Anything Fried Is Good!

      Zeb Hogan is out catching catfish with Rusty, a local fisherman.

    • Are You Man Enough? show

      Are You Man Enough?

      Zeb and some Alaskan locals are taking shots of salmon flavored vodka!

    • Heaven And Hell show

      Heaven And Hell

      Durian is a fruit that the locals make Zeb try, but the smell grosses him out!

    • Holy Carp! show

      Holy Carp!

      A local monk shows Zeb his pool full of giant fish from all over the world.

    • Predator Catfish show

      Predator Catfish

      Zeb and his team catch two species of catfish: the jaguar and the tiger fish.

    • Runaway Whipray show

      Runaway Whipray

      Zeb struggles to catch a juvenile whipray.