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    • Super Suction show

      Super Suction

      Tim explores how many vacuum cleaners it takes to hold up a station wagon.

    • The Biggest Bang show

      The Biggest Bang

      Tim shoots three objects in the back of a flatbed truck. Which will create the biggest explosion?

    • Frozen Turkey show

      Frozen Turkey

      Tim finds out what happens to a frozen turkey dipped in hot oil.

    • Soundproof? show


      Can loud music from a car speaker turn a liquid into a solid?

    • Fun with Laser Beams show

      Fun with Laser Beams

      Tim shows how color can make a big difference when it comes to laser beams and balloons.

    • Burning Money show

      Burning Money

      Tim asks the question: Will a bill soaked in alcohol and water burn?

    • The Pressure Is On show

      The Pressure Is On

      Which explodes first when pumped with air? A basketball, an inner tube, or a soda bottle?