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Hit the road with the hell-raising bikers who are born to be wild!

Are they simply a brotherhood of bikers, from whom the public has nothing to fear, apart from the occasional bad apple? Or are they billion dollar crime organisations, involved in drugs, gun-running and murder? Or does the truth lie somewhere in between?

The leather-jacketed, long-haired biker on the open road is a modern American icon. A symbol of freedom, and of rebellion, the image was immortalised and romanticised, in iconic movies like 'The Wild One' and 'Easy Rider'. But there has always been a dark side to this love affair.

Outlaw Bikers goes inside America's biker gangs to separate myth from reality and to reveal where they have come from, how they operate and just what they have done.

Since Sonny Barger took over the unofficial leadership of The Hells Angels, expansion has been the number one ...

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