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1. Lake Turkana is the world’s largest desert lake…At over 7500 km2 in surface area, it is nearly five times the size of London.

2. Over the last 35 years, some 16,000 fossil specimens have been collected from the Turkana basin, with 10,000 specimens from the Koobi Fora region alone. Some of the hominid fossils found in Kenya date back as far as 6 million years ago, leading some to call this area of East Africa the cradle of mankind.

3. Just a few miles away from Lake Turkana is the ancient volcano Mount Sibiloi, the site of a renowned 7 million-year-old petrified forest.

4. Lake Turkana holds the world record for largest crocodile colony.

5. Lake Turkana is an important source of food and livelihood for the local communities. It produces about 4,000 metric tons of fish every year.