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We recount the struggle for survival of an African lioness, a great white shark, and a polar bear.

This four-part series offers an intimate and powerful experience, looking at some of the planet’s most fearsome animals in their own unique neighbourhoods. Narrated by critically acclaimed actor Alec Baldwin, this series reveals the dramatic stories of an African lioness, a great white shark, a polar bear and an Alaskan brown bear, and their gripping struggle for survival.


  • Planet Carnivore: Lion
    Ngorongoro Crater is lush, beautiful and rich with residents that graze its volcanic floor. Two thousand foot high cliffs surround the Crater floor, which is home to over 13,000 herd animals. The Crater is also home to a number of lions and hyenas - the highest density of large carnivores in Africa. At 18 years, Msaka is the Crater's oldest lioness. She's one of the founders and leaders of the Lakette Pride, the biggest lion pride in Ngorongoro. A large family means a lot of mouths to feed.
  • Planet Carnivore: Icebear
    At 79th north latitude, the weather is brutal and competition to survive is fierce. In this stark landscape, during ten short weeks, Binne-a female polar bear-must eat enough food to sustain her through the rest of the year. Because the relentless cold of the long, dark winter deprives all of them of a constant supply of food, the neighborhood eats as much as it can from spring until the end of summer.
  • Planet Carnivore: Great White Shark
  • Planet Carnivore: King Bear
    Katmai on the Alaskan Peninsula is a kingdom of riches - and it is full of danger. For twelve seasons, "Custa", a powerful Alaskan brown bear, has dominated the valley's treacherous corridors. But this season, a regime change is in the air. A brash young challenger sees opportunity in the ruler's unsteady gait and shadows his every move, waiting to strike.