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    • Digging it Old School show

      Digging it Old School

      The guys have to dig a pond by hand when they encounter some underground wires.

    • To Catch a Koi show

      To Catch a Koi

      In order to surprise their client with a giant koi fish, Brian and Chris go fishing.

    • O-Fishally Having Fun show

      O-Fishally Having Fun

      The guys are testing the new Koi camera and Chris has to learn to channel his "inner fish."

    • A Fishy Revival show

      A Fishy Revival

      The fish transport didn't go well and the Aquascape guys have to resuscitate the Rainbow Trout back to life!

    • Grubbin' It! show

      Grubbin' It!

      Chris is forced to stay true to his word when the guys find a big grub for him to eat.