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We’re used to seeing the natural world’s predators killing time after time. Predator hunts prey, predator wins right?  Wrong! Television is one thing, but real life in the wild is another story, our iconic predators fail more than we can imagine. Life for them is hard, and they have to be resilient to survive.  On paper, all predators have the essential qualities that make them faultless killers. Scores for strength, speed, strategy, weapons and teamwork can give us a hint of how successful a predator should be, but how does this hold up in the real world?  In the wild things don’t always go to plan, and we soon see that our predators struggle more often than not.
But what’s borne of failure is brilliance, and failed kills forge exceptional hunters. In each episode we look at a different group of predators and discover which has that special quality, the tenacity or...
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