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In the five-part series Rebuilding The Titanic a charismatic team of four experts recreate sections of history's most famous ship. Using 100 year-old methods they uncover the lives of those who built before them and reveal secrets about a ship that was once thought to be unsinkable.


  • Rebuilding Titanic: Raising The Bow
    Follow our team in reproducing a 30ft wide section of the steel bow to scale and erecting it at the Belfast dock from where RMS Titanic was completed.
  • Rebuilding Titanic: Forging The Anchor
    Follow our team to build the colossal anchor and recreate an historic Titanic event last attempted one hundred years ago.
  • Rebuilding Titanic: Powering A Giant
    Following four engineers bring to life Titanic century old electrical gadgetry and Titanic's most curious electrical items.
  • Rebuilding Titanic: Floating Palace
    Join our team recreating some of the luxurious interiors, fixtures and fittings of Titanic and exhibiting them at the City where Titanic was born.
  • Rebuilding Titanic: Preparing For Disaster
    Join engineers recreates some of the safety features on board Titanic from a hundred year old Marconi Emergency wireless to a Titanic lifejacket.