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    • Titanic Craftsmanship show

      Titanic Craftsmanship

      Watch the traditional glass-making process used by the original Titanic craftsmen.

    • The Heroes of Titanic show

      The Heroes of Titanic

      In a simulation the team encounters similar conditions that the Titanic engineers faced as the ship was sinking.

    • Physical Education show

      Physical Education

      The electric horse was just one piece in Titanic’s fully equipped gym.

    • Titanic’s Women Workforce show

      Titanic’s Women Workforce

      Women worked in cloth mills to fill Titanic’s beautiful interiors with textiles and linens.

    • Shipbuilding Accidents show

      Shipbuilding Accidents

      Industrial Britain was a dangerous place and deaths in the workplace were common especially in shipyards.

    • Female Forgers show

      Female Forgers

      While men produced anchors, female workers made small chains by hand.

    • The Dirtiest Job show

      The Dirtiest Job

      Filthy from coal and engine oil, Luke gets a taste of the grueling job of shoveling coal.

    • Historical Birth Control show

      Historical Birth Control

      Although the subject of birth control was taboo, there were some forms of contraceptives.

    • Edwardian Housework show

      Edwardian Housework

      How do you prepare a traditional meal without a sink, oven or any modern amenities?

    • Anchor Procession show

      Anchor Procession

      Twenty-one horses lead a procession to carry the anchor into town as they did 100 years ago.

    • Sinking Ship show

      Sinking Ship

      The team faces the terrifying conditions of the Titanic as it was sinking.