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    • Comet Air Crash show

      Comet Air Crash

      In 1954, disaster struck again when a third Comet jet airliner crashed, throwing the future of commercial aviation into question.

    • Titanic show


      Count down the moments when an iceberg, too few lifeboats and freezing waters resulted in an oceanic tragedy.

    • Munich Olympic Massacre show

      Munich Olympic Massacre

      At the 1972 Olympics, a hostage situation turned into a bloodbath with international consequences when 11 Israeli athletes...

    • New York Air Crash show

      New York Air Crash

      In November 2001 an American Airlines Airbus, carrying 260 people, crashed. Was the cause terrorism or engine failure?

    • Crash of the Hindenburg show

      Crash of the Hindenburg

      The largest airship ever built and the pride of the Nazi government, the Hindenburg met its fatal demise in May 1937.

    • Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster show

      Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster

      More than 190 people died when a British car ferry capsized off Zeebrugge in March 1987. Why were the bow doors left open?