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Journey into an ocean of mystery and danger as Shark Nicole embarks on an astonishing migration.

The great white shark is one of the sea’s most iconic creatures, but relatively little is known about its movements and natural habitat.

We journey with a young female great white shark into an ocean of mystery and danger as she embarks on a record breaking migration that astonishes the scientific world.

Keen to learn more about these magnificent creatures a research team including Michael Scholl and Dr. Ramón Bonfil fit a satellite tag to a female shark Ramon names "Nicole". See and feel her ocean home through her eyes and senses - a magical world full of wonder, mystery and danger.


  • Shark Nicole
    Scientists Michael Scholl and Ramon Bonfil have befriended and tagged a shark they call Nicole. This single white female will take them on an incredible and previously unimaginable journey across an ocean seething with threats to her survival.