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The worst of the worst, the toughest of the tough - bank robbers, kidnappers, and murderers - men like Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly. They were all sent to The Rock. And they all wanted to escape. But their biggest obstacle wasn’t the walls, the bars, the razor wire, or the guards - It was the sharks. San Francisco Bay and its coastal waters are home to a variety of dangerous shark species… including the dreaded Great White. And the guards made sure all the prisoners knew it. That's why they call it Sharkatraz. We'll investigate the frightening shark myth the guards used to prevent escapes. And there may be some truth to their stories - the San Francisco Bay is in the middle of an area called The Red Triangle, a place known for deadly sharks. The Great Whites in this region are known to be the biggest and most dangerous in the world. We'll investigate real shark attacks and uncover the story of a legendary man-eating Great White known as "Bruce" that guards and inmates say patrolled the waters around Alcatraz. And we'll join underwater explorer and filmmaker Scott Cassell as he takes his manned submersible down beneath the waves of The Red Triangle, into the murky domain of the Great White shark. We'll explore these incredible but ominous creatures, and find out once and for all the truth behind the myths.


  • Sharkatraz