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Deep in Florida's Everglades lies a unique attraction: an animal park run by the Seminole tribe. Returning to the wetlands for a second series, Swamp Men 2 follows the staff as they attempt to immerse the public in some of America's wildest land. Can they teach the respect for animals that's been a part of their culture for generations? 

Swamp Men: Bee Bomb
The team at the Billie Swamp Safari embarks on a mammoth spring cleaning of the park in preparation for Memorial Day, one of the busiest weekends of the year. But will a colony of thousands of bees ruin the holiday?

Swamp Men: Croc Swap
Safari director Ed Woods has a difficult - and dangerous - job on his hands as he looks to relocate a number of huge and potentially deadly Nile crocodiles to a new home.

Swamp Men: Gator Breakout
There's more croc commotion when Ed and his team realise that an alligator has escaped from...

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