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    • Bison Roundup show

      Bison Roundup

      Ed preps the team to round up 50 heads of bison to prevent team members from being severly hurt by the kicking or butting herd.

    • Missing Hen show

      Missing Hen

      The Safari Park's best egg-laying hen is missing and Billie attempts to find out where she's gone.

    • Buffalo Bomb show

      Buffalo Bomb

      After the construction crew leave a gate open, Billie finds buffalo poo in the visitors area of the safari. He instructs his...

    • Gater Break Out show

      Gater Break Out

      There's a major security breach and the Swamp Men need to restore some order.

    • Predators on the Prowl show

      Predators on the Prowl

      The animals at the safari are getting restless!

    • The Coming Storm show

      The Coming Storm

      A storm is brwing and things are about to change at Billie Swamp Safari.

    • Fire Hazard show

      Fire Hazard

      Things heat up at the Billie Swamp Safari...

    • Newbies show


      The Swamp Men newbies need to prove they have what it takes to survive 'Safari'.

    • Catch That Croc! show

      Catch That Croc!

      See the Swamp Men go on high alert after a nine-foot croc escapes!

    • Break In Bear show

      Break In Bear

      Break In Bear video from the Swamp Men series on National Geographic Channel.

    • Panther Down show

      Panther Down

      Panther Down video from the Swamp Men series on National Geographic Channel.