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This Earth Day, 2018, National Geographic embarks on a journey of artistry and science through a global, musical exploration of the sea, shore, land, mountains and sky with a five part composition as varied, dynamic and stunning as Earth itself. Symphony For Our World weaves together awe-inspiring moments, breathtaking discoveries and intimate portraits of wildlife. Through an exclusive collaboration with Bleeding Fingers and X Ambassadors who share our passion for the planet, each of the five movements of this original symphony accompany a visual narrative. Beginning in the depths of our mysterious seas, we emerge onto stormy shores, take in vast landscapes and evolving eco-systems, rise to desolate mountain peaks and reveal soaring, stunning views of the pale blue dot we call home. Music and visuals tell a story of the complex yet fragile nature of the fascinating and wondrous eco-systems that allow us to survive and thrive together. Symphony For Our World creates a chorus of celebration in honor of Earth, reminding us why it's vitally important to conserve, protect and preserve all of our planet's resources.