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    • Count Your Words show

      Count Your Words

      It's not just what you say. How you say it can make all the difference.

    • Please vs. Because show

      Please vs. Because

      Want to cut in line? Word choice can make or break your success.

    • Scam Blocker show

      Scam Blocker

      College students learn the hard way one trick to staying sucker-free.

    • The Bystander Effect show

      The Bystander Effect

      Hidden cameras are placed inside a restaurant to test who is a hero….and who is not.

    • Tall Tales or Fact? show

      Tall Tales or Fact?

      You’ll be surprised by who’s lying and who isn't when you hear these stories.

    • Law of Averages show

      Law of Averages

      Jake runs a beauty contest with a very surprising outcome.

    • A Jerk in the Winner’s Circle show

      A Jerk in the Winner’s Circle

      When it comes to some aspects of dating being a jerk has its advantages.

    • Silent Killer show

      Silent Killer

      An experiment with hidden cameras and a loudspeaker in a typical office gets workers on their feet.

    • Risk vs. Reward show

      Risk vs. Reward

      Professional base jumper Jeb Corliss takes a risk that doesn’t turn out the way he hoped.

    • The Negotiator show

      The Negotiator

      An expert negotiator reveals how to outsmart a used car salesman.

    • Football Fortune show

      Football Fortune

      A winning football coach’s unconventional approach to the game could make anyone millions.