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Things that Move reveals how the mixture of starry-eyed inventors, technological innovation and historical confluence has lead to our traveling in ever more interesting ways. Each fast-paced episode focuses on a unique machine as we examine the struggles, triumphs and, sometimes, failures of its history. We delve into the inner workings of the machine itself and observe the effects if has had on our culture and our daily lives.


  • Things That Move: Hearse
    They say it’s the last journey you will ever take. Of course, that would be in a hearse, or funeral coach as they’re called in the trade - the vehicle that carries the dead to their final resting place. Host Jeff Douglas gets a crash course in the history and business of moving the dead.
  • Things That Move: Racing Yacht
    From long before the time of Homer’s Odyssey, the only way to travel any distance by sea was by mooching a ride off the wind. Thus, the sailing ship was born, the oldest vehicle of exploration, conquest, and commerce. Host Jeff Douglas visits Niagara-on-the-Lake and Midland, Ontario to meet expert sailboat builders, cutting-edge sailboat designers, get an expert sailing lesson.
  • Things That Move: Streetcar
    Maybe viewed as the Clark Kent of the transportation world, streetcars nevertheless have a colourful, unique history as vehicles for public transit. Host Jeff Douglas rides the rails in to learn all about its remarkable power and braking systems.
  • Things That Move: Chopper
    The open road, the wind in your face, the roar of the engine under you: for over half a century choppers have been a symbol of freedom, rebellion, independence and individuality, not to mention raw masculinity and unbridled sex in motion. Host Jeff Douglas hangs out to explore what every chopper rider feels: the irresistible charms of a powerful machine between your legs, and the lure of the open road.
  • Things That Move: Submarine
    They are stealth weapons, submersible spies, silent killers prowling the deep, and they have changed the world from the American Civil War era to the present. They’re submarines – protecting borders, winning battles and gathering intelligence, and the ultimate tactical advantage in any cat and mouse encounter against destroyers and other surface ships. Host Jeff Douglas gets an up close and personal introduction to the sub.
  • Things That Move: Jetliner
    The invention of the passenger jet about 50 years ago revolutionized our world, suddenly taking us to exotic locations somewhere over the rainbow. Host Jeff Douglas visits Montreal, Toronto, Aurora, and Markham in his odyssey to learn about the phenomenon known as The Jet Age and the evolution of a Jet Culture.
  • Things That Move: 18 Wheeler
    Over 90% of everything we buy is transported at some point by truck. And usually by the BIG trucks known as 18 Wheelers, Semis, Big Rigs, or Tractor-Trailers. Host Jeff Douglas hits the Trans-Canada highway to gets his own driving lesson on a big rig.
  • Things That Move: Police Car
    The police car is the fastest thing on the road, a jail cell on wheels, a crime fighting machine and, as one copper describes it, “a front row seat on the theatre of life.” Host Jeff Douglas enlists the help of the Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police Department to get under the hoods, trunks, and on the consoles of these vehicles to reveal the evolution of cop car technology.
  • Things That Move: Skis
    Cave drawings from 4,500 years ago depict skiers, and early, wooden skis have been found, preserved in ancient Scandinavian bogs. But while, even 75 years ago, skiing was still an elite recreational sport enjoyed by a privileged few in the European Alps, it’s growth and popularity today have been staggering. Host Jeff Douglas gets lessons in both Telemark and Alpine style skiing, and hears about radical changes skiing equipment has undergone in recent years, from wooden skis to the introduction of metal and then fiberglass.
  • Things That Move: Cruise Ship
    Host Jeff Douglas packs his Hawaiian shirts and embarks from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a week-long journey aboard the luxury cruise ship Infinity. Jeff learns what the cruise ship experience is like from the perspective of both guests and staff. Traveling above and below decks, he gets a first-hand look at the ship’s construction and its unique features.
  • Things That Move: Carousel
    The carousel started as an Arabian horseback game and evolved into a jousting exercise for young French nobles. Marie Antoinette had one installed in the garden at Versailles. It wasn’t until the carousel made it to England and North America, however, that its golden age truly began.
  • Things That Move: Trawler
    Trawling has been around since the middle ages – but it didn’t take off as a method of fishing until the mid-19th c. when ground transportation was able to take fresh fish inland fast enough that it wouldn’t spoil.
  • Things That Move: Submersibles
    Submersibles are underwater vessels with limited mobility, which operate almost exclusively underwater. They can be used for anything from seafloor mapping to wood harvesting to rescue missions.
  • Things That Move: Cranes
    Take a look at cranes, one of the unsung heroes of construction. Our crews will take the viewer to the top of the highest crane in North America to the inner workings of the every-day dock loader.
  • Things That Move: Ultralight
    Ultralights are some of the most sophisticated aircraft out there. They are actually amazing airplanes with capabilities "normal" planes can't come close to matching. Those who fly them range from experienced pilots of all types including airline pilots, military transport and fighter pilots and even the supreme commander (now retired) of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • Things That Move: Rocket Ship
    Rudimentary rockets have been around since the third century BC, but World War Two triggered the rapid advancement of rocket technology. Since that first thrilling moonwalk, we have landed on Venus and Mars, explored the Sun, and traveled to the far reaches of the solar system. Shuttle launches are frequent, though never commonplace, and their failures resonate around the world. Join host Jeff Douglas as he investigates the world of rockets.
  • Things That Move: Retro-Futuristic Movers
    We are a people on the move. Since homo erectus took his first upright steps, he has striven to make the act of walking easier and faster. We dream of a future when we will fly around on jet packs, zip along on moving sidewalks and staircases, and zoom about on personal transportation devices. Well, look no further: the future is now.
  • Things That Move: Giant Earth Movers
    Giant Land Movers are the engineering vehicles we all know, Backhoes, Drills and Bulldozers on steroids. We’ll get up close and personal with some of the most impressive engineering equipment ever built.
  • Things That Move: Ice Breaker
    Host Jeff Douglas goes on location to Quebec City with the icebreaker Pierre Radisson and to St. John’s and Clarenville, Newfoundland with the icebreaker D’Iberville for a first-hand look at life on board these indomitable – and noisy - powerhouses of the sea.
  • Things That Move: Tank
    It’s been called “a grinding thing of steel”, “a forty-ton state war machine”, “a giant God on wheels” and “a symbol of the crushing march of progress”. It’s the tank and intimidation is its game. An icon of war, power and military might, the tank is built to attack, destroy and occupy territory. Join host Jeff Douglas, as he learns how tanks work, and how they’ve become faster, more mobile, better armoured and even more capable of blowing things up real good.
  • Things That Move: Ambulance
    Jeff Douglas travels to Toronto and Petawawa, Ontario, and to Montreal and Beloeil, Quebec to talk with city ambulance paramedics, visit the EMS Communications Centre, and watch a training exercise by Canadian soldiers using their own military ambulance, the Bison.
  • Things That Move: Subway
    Subways move millions of people every day: speedy urban subterranean creatures that have near total separation from other traffic, and help relieve traffic gridlock on the city’s surface.Host Jeff Douglas strolls the stylish platforms of Montreal’s Metro, goes deep inside Toronto’s TTC Subway to learn the signal system and drive a simulator, and learns the fascinating history of the construction of London complex Underground.
  • Things That Move: Oil Tanker
    Our world depends on oil, the black gold we use to power our cars, our homes, and a myriad of other products we use. We’re slaves to petroleum, and we rely on gigantic oil tankers to transport it to us. Host Jeff Douglas travels to get the low-down on the slow-moving behemoths we call oil tankers.
  • Things That Move: Roller Blades
    Rollerblades, or inline skates, invented by two hockey-crazed Minnesota brothers in 1979, changed everything with their 4 or 5 wheels arranged in a line. Imitating ice skate blades, they revolutionized the sport and, as host Jeff Douglas finds that this has led to an explosion of skating sports and pastimes, including figure roller-skating and inline dancing, trick blade, in-line speed skating, inline hockey, and even the re-emergence of the women’s roller-derby.
  • Things That Move: Surfboard
    It has fins and can ride the waves as gracefully as the fish that live beneath it but there’s no reason to run from the water…this thing doesn’t bite. It’s a surfboard, and surfings many enthusiasts are rabid about it. Host Jeff Douglas catches waves to find the latest innovations in design and manufacture, the physics of waves and wind, and new surfing sports like Standing Wave or River Surfing.
  • Things That Move: Garbage Truck
    Garbage. Okay, it’s yucky, but imagine how really yucky it would be without the garbage truck! It is arguably one of the most indispensable vehicles in the city. Solid Waste Management is now a million dollar industry in Canada, with a huge infrastructure that takes our refuse from kitchen table to…the land. From ‘Green’ programs to toxic incinerators, Toronto has one of the more elaborate waste systems around. Join host Jeff Douglas as he gets the real poop on this whole garbage business.
  • Things That Move: RV
    RVs, or Recreational Vehicles, have come a long way from the trailers and mobile homes of earlier times. Originally designed as a sturdier alternative to the tent, this enclosed piece of equipment on wheels has gone from being a weekend warrior to become the permanent home of millions of people. Host Jeff Douglas gets the low-down on the RV. As one RV owner describes the attraction: “It’s the gypsy life, but with none of the hardship or mystery.”
  • Things That Move: Taxi Cab
    Not so much a vehicle as an icon of the cityscape, the taxicab and its drivers reflect the cities whose streets they cruise. Join host Jeff Douglas as he visits Toronto, New York and London to scope out the taxicab in each of these cities.
  • Things That Move: Champ Car
    Ever wonder what it was like to drive at 230mph three inches from the ground? Well, we’ll show you exactly what its like as we take a close look at one of the most technologically advanced vehicles ever, the modern Champ Car.
  • Things That Move: Stock Car
    They are lean, mean racing machines. Stock cars, named for their assembly-line origins, are not your typical automobiles. They have reinforced steel frames, treadless tires and 700 horsepower engines. They may look like your dad’s Chevy but these bad boys are built for one thing: speed.