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From an enduring seven weeks in the Andes to a daring cave rescue, this brand new series shares ultimate survival tales.

When sixteen men are trapped in the Andes for more than 10 weeks watching friends and family die around them with no sign of rescue, what pushes them to survive? What compels rescuers to risk their own lives to lead session after session of marathon search operations to find adventurers lost in remote underground caves?

This brand new series offers a personal look at some of the most incredible rescue stories. Told by the survivors and rescuers involved, we see what inspires these individuals to keep going when hope is gone. The heroism, sacrifice and bravery on the part of both survivors and rescuers are moving, powerful examples of human will and determination.

After their plane crashes deep in the Andes, survivors must break taboos and find the unwavering determination to live while waiting 72 days for rescue in Alive in the Andes. Finding themselves trapped beneath the rubble of a demolished car park after their train has crashed, Kyoichi Yoshida and Junko Suzuki, miraculously defy the odds in Osaka Train Crash. In Cave Rescue, dedicated rescuers launch exhausting missions in remote caves and painfully cold underground rivers to find lost cavers in southern France.


  • Trapped: The Day the World Came Down
    A peaceful morning in the Pakistan capital Islamabad is interrupted by a massive earthquake. The seismic shock rips through the Margala Towers — a series of high-rise apartment buildings in the city’s wealthiest district — burying residents beneath a mammoth pile of rubble. A British disaster response team is one of the first international crews to arrive on the scene. With specialized training and high-tech equipment, they begin the painstaking work of unearthing survivors.
  • Trapped: Hurricane Hospital
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the power goes out in New Orleans and floodwaters engulf the city. Staff at Tulane Hospital are forced to come up with their own emergency evacuation plan. Patients on life support must be rescued within hours, before the hospital’s back-up generators are submerged. The challenge for the staff, paramedics and helicopter pilots is to get the sickest patients out alive before they die.
  • Trapped: Alive in the Andes
    It is one of the most remarkable survival stories of the 20th century. A plane crashes 4 000 meters up in the Andes. After 10 days rescuers give up the search. The abandoned survivors have no water or food. Facing starvation, they break the most sacred of human taboos. They are trapped for weeks in one of the most forbidding environments on earth. After 61 days, two of the passengers embark on an epic trek out of the mountains. They endure the worst kind physical and psychological pain, to save themselves and their fellow survivors. Their story is a testament to the strength of human will.
  • Trapped: Ocean Emergency
    When a cargo ship’s engine fails in the North Atlantic, its crew is stranded 500 kilometers from shore with an approaching cyclone. Unable to launch the lifeboats, the crew of sixteen is forced to wait on board, as the storm moves in. The ship is too far from shore to be rescued by a tugboat, only one option remains: 103 Search and Rescue Squadron, based in Gander, Newfoundland. Along the way of the dangerous helicopter rescue, they face many obstacles, including a risky and dangerous fuel stop, as well as a breakdown of the helicopter’s communications system.
  • Trapped: Osaka Train Wreck
    When an out of control commuter train flies off the tracks and crashes into an Osaka apartment building, Japan is faced with its worst train disaster in 42 years. The impact is so great that one of the carriages is wrapped around the corner of the building, while another is buried deep within the building’s parking garage. As the number of casualties climbs, rescue workers struggle to find a way through the horrific scene in a desperate attempt to pull survivors from the wreckage.
  • Trapped: Cave Rescue
    A weekend adventure becomes a terrifying life and death struggle for seven French cavers when a flash flood traps them 100 meters underground. The men cling helplessly to their rafts as the bone-chilling 7degree celcius water rises silently and pushes them up to the ceiling. Rescue crews find the sole entrance to the cave system is flooded making any immediate rescue attempt impossible. Only when the waters recede, can rescuers attempt to reach the men.