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In each episode, Urban Legends brings to life three amazing tales, stories so incredible and far-fetched that we’re not sure whether to believe them or not. These stories are all presented as fact, pieced together from dramatic reconstructions and interviews to look like genuine documentary style reports. The twist is that some stories are true and some stories are false. It's up to the viewers to guess.


  • Urban Legends: Mixed Up In Crime
    We bring you three remarkable tales, two are urban myths and one – however unlikely – is actually true. Can you separate fact from fiction? We’ll reveal the truth at the end of the show! We kick off with the junkie who was shot at close range and then miraculously coughed up the bullet. Then, we meet a German businessman who wakes from a night of partying to find he’s missing a kidney. Or there’s the one about a gang leader who sends a new recruit on a deadly mission - but winds up dead himself. And we also have a finger found in a bowl of chili!
  • Urban Legends: Cheating Death
    This episode features three tall tales, two originate from the land of urban legend and one is actually true. We’ll have the answer for you at the end. We start with a desperate soldier’s suicide attempt that deals a crushing blow to his bullying sergeant. Then, there’s the construction worker who was flattened by a 4-ton steamroller and lived! We hear from a man who was buried alive under a mountain of snow and escaped by doing what he likes best – drinking beer! And finally the story of how a car crash saved a girl from choking to death!
  • Urban Legends: It Seemed Like a Clever Idea
    We all have our favourite Urban Legends. But can you separate fact from fiction? Can you tell which story is the real deal? We’ll let you know at the end of the show! First there’s the one about the family whose Christmas turned to tragedy when Santa got stuck in the chimney – for good. Then we meet a woman who dried her beloved pet poodle in a microwave! And we wrap up with a man who designed his own ingenious flying machine. All that plus a hammered hamster and a woman who accidentally blew up her house.
  • Urban Legends: No Excuses For Stupidity
    This episode features three stories, two are urban myths, but one actually happened. Can you separate fact from fiction? We start with a pair of streakers caught with their pants down and no ride home. Then the story of a 60’s acid trip that takes a blinding turn when three young men stare into the sun. Finally, the explosive legend of a hunting dog that retrieves a lit stick of dynamite!
  • Urban Legends: Fickle Finger of Fate
    We have three extraordinary urban legends, can you spot which one is the truth? Is it the scuba diver who was burnt to death while still in his wet suit and found miles from the ocean caught in a tree? Or the secret romantic night between two teens that ends abruptly with a shock. Then there’s the one about the soldier who walked around with a broken neck for 60 years without knowing it.
  • Urban Legends: What a Way To Go
    You’ve found yourself in the land of urban legends, you’ll see three tales that will test your ability to discern the truth, two stories are complete myths but one is actually true. Can you spot the difference? We start with a tale about sharp pencils and teenage angst that leads to a fatal and horrible act of desperation. Then there’s a medical emergency when a woman is turned inside out by a high-powered vacuum toilet. Finally there’s the stag night that turns deadly when a show literally takes the groom’s breath away. We reveal the truth at the end.
  • Urban Legends: When Animals Think
    You’ve entered the world of urban legends, one out of three myths is true, can you tell which it is? Is it the ex-con who eats a small exotic fish as a joke but winds up being no laughing matter? Or is it the lives of a cat and its owner who are inextricably linked in sickness and in health? Or is it the unlucky cat stuck in a tree and in need of a rescue from –of all things – the rescuers? We’ll tell you at the end of the show.
  • Urban Legends: Neighbors
    We present three bizarre and twisted tales, two are urban legends but one actually happened. Can you guess which is the real deal? We’ll tell you at the end. Is it the one about the painting thought to be worthless saved from disaster and turns out to be a masterpiece? Or is it the dinner guests who fear they’ve been poisoned when the family pet dies after eating the same food? Or could it be the tale of the husband who attempts to save his marriage by staging his own death but ends up killing his neighbour instead?
  • Urban Legends: Mail Mix Ups
    A young man ships himself home in a crate to avoid paying air fare, a pudding company’s flawed marketing campaign is exposed by a savvy shopper and an unwanted care package from home tells a soldier of his impending divorce. Can you separate the urban myths from the real story? We’ll fill you in at the end of the show.
  • Urban Legends: Stuff Of Nightmares
    An angry golfer has a fatal encounter with a reptile; an unsuspecting pedestrian falls through a manhole, surfs the raging sewers for kilometres and survives; and a woman is locked up at a mental institution in a case of stolen identity. Three incredible stories, but only one actually happened. Can you tell fact from fiction?
  • Urban Legends: Good and Evil
    An entire choir miraculously cheats death when their church is engulfed in flames; a Southern Italian town reports inexplicable cases of spontaneous combustion; and a hospital bed in South Africa spells certain death for anyone who sleeps in it. Three fantastic stories but only one is true. Can you guess which of these really happened?
  • Urban Legends: Marriage and Affairs
    A husband is blinded by jealousy and finds out that revenge and concrete don’t mix; a cheating husband discovers his wife’s fine feathered friend is his worst enemy; and a lottery winner winds up a loser in both life and love. Three extraordinary stories but only one is true. Can you separate fact from fiction?
  • Urban Legends: The Dark Side
    A couple unknowingly spends the night with a corpse; an office worker dies on the job and no one notices for days; and a dead relative gets mixed up in a family’s favorite dessert. Three incredible tales but can you determine which one is true?
  • Urban Legends: The Human Body
    Three incredible stories -only one of them is actually true- which one is it? That's the compelling question that lies at the heart of Urban Legends, a unique, entertaining and addictive new format that revels in the magic of storytelling and the irresistible draw of extreme trivia.
  • Urban Legends: Weird Woundings
    A young man is lifted up by a tornado and tossed more than 300 meters and lives; a woman losses her sight when her contact lenses melt while she’s in a tanning bed; and a build up of methane gas from a cow causes a fiery and deadly explosion. Three tales from the wilder side of life but which one really happened?
  • Urban Legends: Three Degrees of Separation
    Three stories of dismemberment: A bargain hunter makes a gruesome discovery in a barbecue and sees a way to make a buck; two lovebirds on a romantic date are interrupted and escape with an unexpected souvenir from one of their attackers; and a farmer’s dog comes to the rescue when his master loses limbs to machinery.
  • Urban Legends: Welcome Home
    Three stories of people who come home to an unexpected surprise: A jilted material girl finds a stinky and effective way of getting back at her ex; a student and her lover ignore noises in her shared bedroom and wake up to a grisly surprise; and a Texan computer storeowner returns from the tropics with a nasty souvenir… in his genitals!
  • Urban Legends: Bad Medicine
    Three stories featuring macabre medical miracles: A daredevil emerges from a coma just as his organs are about to be harvested; a weight-loss addict has a deadly binge after undergoing a tummy tuck; and an animal lover’s loyal dog gets a chance to repay his mistress’s kindness.
  • Urban Legends: Twisted Fate
    Three strange tales about things that happen in cars; A California family returns from Mexico with more than happy holiday memories; a Maryland firefighter finds himself targeted in a case of road rage and mistaken identity; and, a Buffalo shop-aholic picks up a damsel in distress and gets more than she bargained for…
  • Urban Legends: Auto-Geddon
    In this episode of Urban Legends… Three stories that feature unpredictable twists of fate; a young man saves a life and ends up revisiting a shock from his past; a suspicious wife tries to catch her cheating husband in the act; and, a stricken airliner chases down a group of boys on their bikes. Three incredible stories… But can you tell fact from fiction?
  • Urban Legends: Love Hurts
    In this episode of Urban Legends… Three love stories featuring cruel twists of fate; an on-line romance becomes a chilling nightmare when dark secrets are exposed; a young man tries in vain to escape an arranged marriage; and, a jilted husband unexpectedly gets revenge after a five-star chef makes off with his wife. Three incredible stories… But can you tell fact from fiction?
  • Urban Legends: Beyond Belief
    Three stories so unlikely you’ll be hard pressed to spot the truth; Belgian police search a dead man’s house for clues and end up with some nasty surprises; a Chicago woman takes a wrong turn and gets herself into a seriously sticky situation; and, a Danish woman cooks up an unusual meal that makes headlines around the world.
  • Urban Legends: Bad Sports
    Three stories so unlikely you’ll be hard pressed to spot the truth.
  • Urban Legends: Immaculate Deception
    Can you tell fact from fiction? A boy’s predicament proves that TV can be bad for your health; a student’s elaborate plan to breeze through college flunks badly; and, Italian restaurateurs get a gruesome hangover from a vintage barrel of brandy.
  • Urban Legends: Upstairs, Downstairs
    Can you tell fact from fiction? A woman is tormented by a caller who doesn’t get the message; a woman meets her boyfriend’s parents for the first time; and a mother’s house becomes a living hell.
  • Urban Legends: One Wedding, Two Funerals
    Can you spot the truth? Mourners at a funeral hear a voice from beyond the grave; a vet hires a partner who turns out to be bad for business; and a couple make a shocking discovery when they return to their hotel room.
  • Urban Legends: Lost and Found
    Can you tell fact from fiction? A woman’s prom dress is a knock out – but in a bad way; a couple discovers the meaning of ‘giving until it hurts’; and a woman gets a heart and lung transplant that gives her more than she bargained for.
  • Urban Legends: Bad Calls
    Can you sopt the true story? A woman’s decision to take the elevator turns out to be a very big mistake; a man tries to have his cigar and smoke it too but his plan backfires; and a woman who decides to become a secret agent goes under cover.
  • Urban Legends: Big Mistakes
    Can you separate fact from fiction? A group of brothers goes fishing but can’t catch a break; fraternity brothers pick on the wrong couple and a major uncovers a mystery which leaves him shaken.
  • Urban Legends: Family Affairs
    Can you tell the fact from fiction?
  • Urban Legends: Best Laid Plans
    A California couple are faced with a sickening life-or-death decision, a Maryland mayor ends up with a delivery of unimaginable terror, and, when a jilted lover’s suicide attempt goes wrong, his best friend finds himself with blood on his hands.
  • Urban Legends: Stranger Than Fiction
    A Peruvian woman faces a grizzly night of horror; a Florida fisherman reels in a whopper of a tale no one can believe; and an American high school football team seriously fumbles rookie night.
  • Urban Legends: Expect the Unexpected
    A man’s unlikely friendship with a chicken takes a miraculous twist; a Mexican reporter ends up uncovering a sinister secret; and, a German financial advisor goes on the ride of his life when his advice finally matures
  • Urban Legends: Stolen Dreams
    A South African woman will do anything to get her hands on a baby; two horny hitchhikers end up with a double hangover surprise no one can believe; and, the dreams of an entire Colorado family go up in smoke.
  • Urban Legends: More Than Meets the Eye
    The disappearance of a popular cheerleader reveals the dark secret to her success; an elderly woman gets unexpected help from her pot-bellied pig; and, the unveiling of a reclusive artist’s work causes an unexpected scandal in the art world.
  • Urban Legends: Heads or Tails
    When a bachelor party gets out of hand, a viral video threatens a lot more than just the wedding; a lottery official is stumped when a single draw registers over one hundred winners; and, a businessman watches his carpet business go up in flames and then ends up as a prime suspect for arson!
  • Urban Legends: Reap What You Sow
    A Florida man receives a text message from beyond the grave; a young woman tells a tiny lie that cuts her down to size; and, a Chicago lawyer takes a leap of faith with an online romance.
  • Urban Legends: Love and War
    A family man has a change of heart that threatens everything he holds dear; comedy becomes tragedy at a Russian circus; and, a couple’s newfound wealth proves to have lethal consequences.
  • Urban Legends: Close Calls
    A British police detective faces the case of his life when he investigates a female serial killer on a shocking crime spree; the luckiest man in the world foils death time and time again; and, the mutual infidelities of an unhappy Dutch couple lead them to a bizarre solution to their marital woes.
  • Urban Legends: Under Wraps
    A stockbroker makes a fortune on Wall Street but hides the shocking secret to his success; a horrific crash destroys a North Dakota family but a month after the funeral, they’re in for an even greater shock; and, a bus driver becomes the prime suspect in one of the most bizarre crime sprees in Swedish history.
  • Urban Legends: Blink Of An Eye
    The weight of an Ohio woman’s hoarding addiction becomes too much to bear; a popular Winnipeg DJ baffles everyone when he disappears without a trace; and, in Michigan, a medical student's morbid antics eventually come back to haunt her.
  • Urban Legends: Missing Pieces
    A British barmaid faces a life or death decision after a stranger gives her a terrifying tip; a young Irish couple enjoys a fairy tale romance oblivious to a family secret; and, a mysterious murder stuns a small town.
  • Urban Legends: Out of the Blue
    A family’s dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when they receive a terrifying wake-up call; a man rescues an abandoned baby girl only to discover the shocking truth about her identity; and, after falling for a charming British car salesman, a woman’s fairytale romance reveals its dark side.
  • Urban Legends: The Terrible Truth
    A reality show leaves an aspiring Russian model starving for more than just fame; a couple’s divorce turns ugly when an ex-wife produces a mysterious girl; and, a long lost letter exposes a destructive secret, a decade after it was mailed.
  • Urban Legends: Skeletons in the Closet
    A Milwaukee detective follows a series of clues to his own front door; the life of a terminally ill South Carolina man is miraculously saved by a secret from his mother's past; and, a young New York woman strikes up a mysterious online friendship that leads to a life-changing discovery.