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Did the headless bodies found by road builders on the Dorset chalk belong to Anglo-Saxons slain in battle? Or could it be that the Vikings, the most feared people in Europe, were sometimes the victims of extreme violence themselves?

When workmen building a road dug into the Dorset chalk, the last thing they expected to find was a mass grave that would cast new light on one of the darkest periods of English history.

Viking Apocalypse explores how the burial pit, containing 54 beheaded skeletons, uncovers the story of sickening brutality and incredible bravery, and gives you a better understanding of the Vikings' place in England.

But just who were the victims of this ancient atrocity? Stripped, decapitated and buried with their skulls in a separate pit, the remains set off an investigation into this chilliest of cold cases.

Now, looking into this 1,000-year-old mystery through dramatic reconstructions and the latest scientific techniques, meet the archaeologists, forensic scientists and weapons experts determined to get to the bottom of this historic war crime.


  • Viking Apocalypse
    English road workers unearth a tangled mass of headless skeletons and severed skulls while digging foundations for a new highway. Who are these ancient victims and why were they killed?



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    Mass Grave

    Investigators must solve an ancient murder mystery after excavators discover a shallow grave of...

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