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Declassified, colourised and restored footage reveals World War II as it has never been seen before.

As the French evacuated Paris in June 1940, amateur filmmakers documented the exodus as thousands lined the roads with their families and most precious possessions.

As the British sifted through the rubble, people grabbed cameras to capture what it meant to stand up to Hitler throughout the Blitz.

And as the Nazi army slogged through the mud and snow of Soviet Russia on the way to Moscow, soldiers used 8mm cameras to film the hardships of the war as they experienced it.

This was not the stock, newsreel or propaganda footage from World War II that authorities approved and audiences became accustomed to seeing. This was sometimes provocative footage taken by those who witnessed the war first-hand. This was the footage deemed ‘unfit’ for civilians to see. At the end of the war, this and other “Top Secret” footage of the war’s destruction was stashed away and forgotten.

Now, thanks to the efforts of a few private collectors and archivists, these forgotten films have been rediscovered, restored and featured in an extraordinary 6-part series in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of World War II.

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  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: Agression
    When almost nothing seems to stand in his way Hitler invades Poland and the world is on the brink of war. Footage of the Fuhrer relaxing at his Alpine chalet is intercut with haunting images of persecuted Jews in the Lodz Ghetto and Stalins' gulags.
  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: Crushing Defeat
    German soldiers film precious military equipment abandoned by british troops on the shores of Dunkirk; thousands of French civilians are filmed fleeing Paris; and Londoners dig themselves out from daily bombings.
  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: Shock
    Apocalypse: The Second World Warar uses film, captured by amateur filmmakers who experienced the war first-hand, to reveal the reality of war.
  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: World Ablaze
    Pearl Harbour, Singapore, Midway, Guadalcanal, Stalingrad.
  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: Great Landings
    D-Day in Normandy and Saipan in the Pacific practically on the same day.
  • World War Two: The Apocalypse: Inferno
    A fierce fighting : the bombing of Germany. The Holocaust. V day. War in Pacific. Kamikazes. The Atomic Bomb.