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Sean Riley is a designer, rigger and sculptor living in San Francisco, California. No stranger to drama, Riley studied theatre arts at University of California Santa Cruz and has taught college-level theatrical design.  But his interest in the laws of nature and how they relate to industry led to him to set up and run his own company, Gravity Design. With expertise in rigging, suspension and load transfer, he has scaled the lofty heights of his field.  Riley has been flying and moving live loads for a variety of clients - from circus acts to industrial installations - for over 12 years.  Never one to shy away from the tough problems, Riley works where nobody else will and accomplishes what few others can.  His company engineers solutions that frequently involve large masses, difficult access, and big retrofits to existing buildings.

 Riley is no stranger to high-risk responsibility.  He is always hands-on (welding, constructing, wiring – you name it!), and his reputation as a "Can -do" craftsman is as important to him as his flawless safety record.  Riley’s innovative approach, custom-built rigging solutions and impeccable safety history have taken him all over the world.

Expertise, however, is not the only tool in his kit.  Riley’s passion for mechanics is matched only by his passion for adventure - extreme adventure.  He loves nothing more than pulling on a diving wetsuit, arcing up a blow-torch or dangling from a height that would have most people going weak in the knees – just for fun.  He has worked in a mine to learn firsthand about life as a miner.  He owns a collection of vintage racing motorcycles that he rides off into the desert whenever finds time.  He drives heavy machinery, jumps off bridges, skydives, rock climbs, and is a back country solo survivalist. 


World’s Toughest Fixes’ series producer Rob Kerr has been in television production for nearly 25 years and producing nonfiction for more than 10, covering a diverse range of genres including natural history, automotive, reality, sports, documentary and science.  He has extensive experience as a producer, director, writer, editor and camera operator, and has shot on location on five of the world’s seven continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and North America).

He has produced for such popular cable series as “Mythbusters” for Discovery Channel and “Medical Incredible” for Discovery Health.  Over the past 10 years alone, Kerr has produced close to 100 hours of programming for National Geographic, Discovery Networks, History Channel and Australian Networks (Channel Seven, Channel Nine and the Network Ten).  For National Geographic Channel (NGC), he wrote and directed “Megaship,” a one-hour special in 2005, and for National Geographic Television & Film (NGT&F), he wrote and directed two specials, “Rock Eaters of Iceland” (2006) and “Hot Science” (2001).

Other program credits include “Weapon Masters,” “Blank Canvas,” “Garage Takeover,” “World Biker Build-Off,” “The Greenbrier Secrets,” “Double Agents” and “Corvette C6 – Rebuilding a Legend” (Discovery Channel); “Bringing Down the House” and “Quick Buck” (TLC); “History Makers/Risk Takers” (History Channel); “Mad Mike and Mark” (Animal Planet); “Body Doubles” (Channel Nine Australia); “Beyond Tomorrow” (ATN Seven Australia); “The Great Outdoors,” “Hot Property,” “Live Auction Special” and “Hot Auctions” (Network Seven Australia); “Gone Fishin’,” “The Craic Down Under,” “Drive Time” and “Bright Ideas” (Network Ten Australia).

Kerr has also produced music videos and numerous corporate videos, operated his own Avid postproduction studio and worked as a freelance journalist.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.