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If you remember the 1980s, then you’ll remember a decade that both shook and shocked the world. 

It was the decade that throbbed to the sounds of the boombox, where Diego Maradona’s Hand of God punched Argentina to footballing glory, and when the world held its breath as the Chernobyl nuclear reactor went up in flames. 

80s Greatest provides a challenging and stimulating view of one of history’s most enigmatic periods, shining a light on the people and events that shaped the decade, while illuminating the trends that helped design your future.


  • 80s Greatest: Football Moments
    Relive the decade's most famous and controversial games and the players who not only defined the '80s, but also helped shape the sport today.
  • 80s Greatest: Sporting Icons
    The 80s Greatest Sporting Icons relives some of the period’s most exciting sporting moments whilst investigating the legacy left by the decade’s most fascinating sporting heroes.
  • 80s Greatest: Gadgets
    From the Sony Walkman to the personal computer to the Compact Disc, we take a look at how the technology of the 1980s began to define not only what we could do, but who we were too.
  • 80s Greatest: Tragedies