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National Geographic


    • France prepares for German attack show

      France prepares for German attack

      France prepares to defend itself against German attack through Belgium, whilst Nazi sympathisers are held to account in the US...

    • The Polish army surrenders show

      The Polish army surrenders

      The Polish army surrenders to the Germans and the Soviets. Stalin orders the execution of 20,000 Polish prisoners and 4,500...

    • Germans sign treaty with USSR show

      Germans sign treaty with USSR

      Hitler, who swore to destroy Communism has a history-making treaty signed with his worst enemy, the USSR.

    • Hitler declares war on jews show

      Hitler declares war on jews

      Hitler hammers home his simplistic nationalist slogans. He wants to make Germany the world power.

    • Berlin 1945 and 1932 show

      Berlin 1945 and 1932

      German women recount stories of rape by Russian soldiers and reflect on the decadent Berlin of 1932.