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National Geographic


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to your final destination: a long, lonely stretch in a dark and dangerous prison, far from home. 

Banged Up Abroad is back Wednesdays at 9pm from 1st August, to reveal more holiday horror-stories from around the globe – including the heart-stopping tale of a British fugitiveon the run in South America – as this hugely successful series returns for an incredible seventh season.

Watch out for the tale of the ‘Juggler Smuggler’ which follows a travelling magician who found himself juggling a young family with a budding hashsmuggling business after moving to Japan, the British dancer and her husband duped into drug smuggling resulting in a 20-month stretch behind bars, and the newly single-mum struggling to keep up her mortgage repayments who embarked on a risky new life as an international drug mule. She ended up paying a terrible price!

These new shows feature people who have found themselves in situations beyond their most terrible fears and takes you inside first-hand accounts of capture, imprisonment and pure terror far from home.


  • Banged Up Abroad: Son Of Sadam
  • Banged Up Abroad: Real Goodfella
    The true story of Henry Hill, the inspiration behind the renowned mafia film - Goodfellas.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Saudi Whisky Run
    Scottish chef Gordon Malloch lands in prison for smuggling whiskey in Saudi Arabia.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Cocaine Trap
    Duped into smuggling cocaine, Stephen Sutton must serve time in a tough Argentine prison.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Backstabbed in Thailand
    Military veteran Kim Hood wonders if she’ll ever see her home again, when she faces a life behind bars in a squalid Thai prison, after being caught smuggling 14 kilos of heroin with her friend Lisa.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Dare devil drug runner
  • Banged Up Abroad: Drug dealer revenge
    A smuggler bribes a former company director to bring a pack of cocaine back from Peru.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Heroin sting
    Brigene, a 20yr old gets busted at customs with a kilo of heroin. She faces a possible 45yr jail sentence - unless she agrees to take part in a dangerous sting operation to catch the drug traffickers.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Mexico Money machine
    When Jeremy Khinoo loses his girlfriend and daughter, he escapes into a world where the size of your muscles means everything and steroids are a way to get there. With a group of guys from the gym, he goes to Mexico to buy illegal prescription drugs - and he pays for them with money he's made himself. The first two times, he gets away with it. But on his third trip, he gets caught spending his fake cash in a roadside store: a car chase ends with a police roadblock, and the drugs and counterfeit cash land him in jail. He's soon addicted to heroin, and before he's released, gets stabbed by another drug addict. Jeremy doesn't just lose his liberty-he nearly loses his life.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Prisoner of love
    An Internet romance blossoms for a British man and a Filipino woman when he flies to meet her. But when she falls pregnant her jealous estranged husband has them thrown in prison for adultery.
  • Banged Up Abroad: Teenage drug smuggler
    Teenager Vivian Carrasquillo faces a terrifying jail when she is caught smuggling drugs.