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National Geographic


The second season of Big, Bigger, Biggest uncovers the inventions that enabled structures such as Tunnels, Telescopes, Dams, Space Stations, Submarines, Aircraft, Cruise Ships, Oil Rigs, Observation Wheels and Domes to grow in size and scale.

First unearth the world's longest tunnel – the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The Gotthard Base Tunnel stretches 57 kilometres through the heart of the Swiss Alps. It is deeper than any other tunnel on Earth and paves the way for a vital high-speed rail link between Zurich and Milan. 2000 workers and four gigantic tunnel boring machines work flat-out to excavate 24 million tonnes of mountain rock to complete the tunnel.

Then zoom in on the technological leaps forward that have enabled the world's largest telescope – the Large Binocular Telescope – to be built. The telescope sits on a mountain in Arizona, over 3,000 metres above sea level. Like a giant pair...

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