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National Geographic


It is the largest killer ever to walk the earth. Razor sharp teeth… metre-long jaws… sickle-shaped claws. And if you think we are talking about T. rex… think again. This is Spinosaurus. Its massive proportions – and the two-metre sail lining its back – make it one of the most bizarre creatures ever discovered. A new skeleton has emerged from the Sahara, with all the tell-tale signs of Spinosaurus and palaeontologists Paul Sereno and Nizar Ibrahim race to introduce it to the world. Archival photographs and drawings are matched with CT-scanned bones to make Spinosaurus the first life size predatory dinosaur machined from a digital model. And it is one for the record books. The new data confirms this was not only the biggest carnivore ever to walk the earth – 15 metres in length, 15% longer than the largest Tyrannosaurus – it was also amphibious, the only water-going...
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