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National Geographic


The Cabin Kings are going off the map, conquering the frontier and Building Wild. Over 9 seasons on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” beloved designer/builder Paul DiMeo became known for building the impossible. Now, he’s taking things to a whole new level by partnering with master fabricator Tuffy and launching a new cabin-building business: Cabin Kings. They are construction’s odd couple: Paulie is a city boy at heart who’s traveled the world and has the grand design ideas to prove it, and Tuffy is a gruff, logical woodsman who accomplishes miracles with his excavator but has never heard of Starbucks. Each week, Paulie and Tuffy will meet a new client who owns a challenging piece of wilderness and dreams of building a cabin on the property. These Cabin Kings will provide big ideas and the construction know how. To keep costs low, the landowners must provide some...
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