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See Cesar crack all-new canine cases in the exclusive new series. Follow the pack to their new home...

Cesar's moving on. Follow the pack to Nat Geo Wild, the only channel where you can see The Dog Whisperer from November. Join them for a brand new series and all new canine cases.

From Miami to New York and Los Angeles, Cesar Millan travels around the USA rehabilitating dogs, training owners and sharing his “exercise, discipline, affection” formula for balanced dogs. 

Going into the homes of dog owners without any prior information about each case, we follow Cesar and the remarkable transformations that take place under his calm, assertive guidance.

This new series features moving cases in which Cesar rescues and rehabilitates traumatised puppies from puppy mills, and helps an owner and his dog that have fallen on hard times.

In other episodes, Cesar’s patience is tested by troublesome pooches including Boo an antisocial dachshund, Baby Girl a Doberman who is terrified of noise and Miles, a French bulldog owned by former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum.

More series highlights include Cesar contending with a dog that refuses to go outside its owner’s property, a binge-eating pup that gorges on anything and everything, and a five-legged dog with an attitude. 

No problem or dog is too big or small for The Dog Whisperer! Cesar’s back and he means business, only on Nat Geo Wild.


  • Cesar To The Rescue: Family Feud
    Brad is having trouble with his sister Nicole's dog, which attacks Brad's dog at family outings. Can Cesar Millan arm these siblings with the skills to end this canine rivalry?
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Boss With A Bank
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Boss With A Bark
    Lori Jo and Patti are fed up with their employer’s three unruly dogs that disrupt the business with their nonstop barking. They call in Cesar Millan to help rehabilitate these dogs.
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Dog Fight
    Owners, Lilly & Nadav are outcasts in their new neighborhood thanks to their aggressive Boxers, Chip & Mocha, who attack any dog they can get close to. Can Cesar Millan help rehabilitate these dogs?
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Attack Dogs
    Cesar is first called to help Steve whose aggressive Rottweiler ‘Shadow’ attacks other dogs. Next, he gets a call to help Kevin and Lily with their out-of-control Doberman Pinscher.
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Ripped Apart
    A young couple is on the brink of a breakup due to their dangerous pit bull, so they’ve called in dog behaviourist Cesar Millan to help save their dog and their relationship.
  • Cesar To The Rescue: Neighbourhood Bully
    Jim and Sam are desperate for help after their dog Matilda, a bulldog/boxer mix, viciously attacked a neighbour’s dog. Can dog behaviourist Cesar Millan find the cause of Matilda’s aggression?