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Construction Zone will go behind the scenes to show what it takes to make these amazing places work. We'll get inside the minds, and the jobs, of the people who keep this building standing tall. Construction Zone profiles what it takes to build, operate, maintain and drive the world's ultimate structures.


  • Construction Zone: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
    The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the world's longest, tallest and the most expensive suspension bridge ever built but is it strong enough?
  • Construction Zone: Autobahn
    The Autobahn is the most famous road in the world and one of the few places in the world where serious drivers can race luxury cars.
  • Construction Zone: Kansai Airport
    Japan's Kansai Airport is one of the greatest engineering achievements in the world, built entirely on a man-made island the size of Monaco.
  • Construction Zone: Sea Launch
    The history of the construction, the successes & the failures of the two giant ships of the Sea Launch, an outrageously expensive, multi-national venture for blasting commercial satellites into space.
  • Construction Zone: Sears Tower
    The Sears Tower is the tallest building in North America. How does this mega structure work? Understand the quirks of building & running a super-tall skyscraper by going deep inside this structure.
  • Construction Zone: USS Ronald Regan
    Get a rare look at the US Navy's newest monster of the sea as it goes through a historical rite of passage. The USS Ronald Reagan must obtain flight deck certification before going into service, and we're there to see how the Reagan and its crew proves to the US Navy that they're ready to roll. And once it's in service, it'll be a force to reckon with. At one thousand feet long, the Reagan's as long as the Empire State Building is tall. The Reagan can house over six thousand sailors and keep them fed for up to three months! Its nuclear-powered engine can run for over twenty years without ever having to be refueled! Speaking of fuel, the Reagan can store over three million gallons of jet fuel in support of up to 85 combat aircraft! All together, it adds up to a giant steel city at sea, only this city also has the added responsibility of protecting the United States!
  • Construction Zone: USS Virginia
    MegaStructures brings you the newest nuclear sub to prowl the oceans, the USS Virginia. The first major redesign of nuclear subs since the end of the Cold War, the USS Virginia is the most tricked-out underwater warship in the US Navy. Built to answer America's military needs for the 21st century, this sub features a number of forward-looking advances in naval technology. We'll take a hard look at how the USS Virginia came to be as we talk with designers and engineers about the challenges that arose in creating a new class of submarine. We'll also follow the newly commissioned USS Virginia as the Navy brings this marine megastructure up to speed. This show promises to be an exciting ride aboard the newest addition to the Navy's nuclear-powered arsenal.
  • Construction Zone: Ultimate Oil Rig
    The world is desperate for oil and gas. But dwindling energy supplies are forcing oil rigs to drill in some of the harshest environments on the globe. It takes a Megastructure oil rig, like the Noble Piet, to withstand the fury of nature and keep on drilling. Follow a skilled team of roughnecks as they battle the elements of the North Sea in pursuit of an untapped reservoir of natural gas worth 350 million dollars. But there's a shortage of oil rigs like the Noble Piet. So the Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore is designing and building an impressive of 23 rigs at once. Can this shipyard build rigs fast enough to keep up with exploding demand and tough enough to endure the punishment of drilling in the open sea?
  • Construction Zone: The Ultimate Roller Coaster
  • Construction Zone: North Sea Wall
    In 1953 a killer storm surge floods the Dutch coastline and claims over 1800 lives, inspiring the construction of the biggest, most sophisticated flood defenses on the planet – The North Sea Wall.
  • Construction Zone: Ultimate Sands Oil Mine
    Just beneath the surface of Northern Canada's Alberta forest sits the largest oil reserve in the world, possibly capable of satisfying world needs for up to 55 years. Mother Nature has thrown engineers a giant curveball - the oil can't be pumped because it's trapped in sand, and extracting that energy is already having an unprecedented impact on the Canadian environment. Watch as multiple companies race to develop technologies that unlock the vast oil and profit hidden below Canada's forests.
  • Construction Zone: World's Biggest Casino
  • Construction Zone: World's Biggest Cruise Ship
    The Freedom of the Seas is an awesome Megastructure using the most sophisticated technology in the world to create a ship like no other. Its all about action and adventure! This is the first ocean liner with its own on board wave machine, water sport zone, climbing wall, boxing ring and full sized ice-rink. Join the Freedom of the Seas as she makes her maiden voyage in June 2006 a once-in a lifetime Mega experience. What are the designers' biggest fears? What would they do if something went radically wrong? Could this be another Titanic?
  • Construction Zone: World's Biggest Shredder
    Experience the mighty mega shredder. The world's largest recycling machine takes the floor space of an entire factory. It will reduce the equivalent of 450 cars an hour to an unrecognisable pulp. And that's just one part of the 9 million tonnes of scrap metal spit from the jaws of the world's biggest metal shredder every year. Hauling away the fragments of what were once refrigerators and other household goods demands the services of a gargantuan gantry crane. In only 72 hours that crane will fill a 30,000 tonne cargo ship that in turn will lug the precious scraps onto the world metal recycling market.
  • Construction Zone: Berlin's Train Terminal
    In Berlin, a construction team races to finish the largest train station in Europe. To meet this deadline, can they get this daring plan to work?
  • Construction Zone: Building Green Beijing
    Facing many challenges & hurdles, the designers of the Olympic Rendezvous must come up with a design that genuinely reflects green ideas and complements the green themed games in Beijing.
  • Construction Zone: Channel Tunnel
  • Construction Zone: Golden Gate Bridge
    The Golden Gate Bridge: We reveal how this structure was originally designed and built and how it will survive into the future.
  • Construction Zone: Grand Canyon Skywalk
    The Grand Canyon Skywalk lets visitors walk out over the canyon & look down 4,000ft to the Colorado River below. This program will spotlight its design, construction & people that made it a reality.
  • Construction Zone: Hoover Dam Reinvented
    What if the Hoover Dam did not exist today? In this 1hr program, we ask a team of engineers what they would do the same, and what they would do differently...if they had to build the Hoover Dam today.
  • Construction Zone: Iceland's Big Dig
    600 feet underground in Iceland, a gigantic Tunnel Boring Machine called "Jaws", is only days away from boring a tunnel over 25ft in diameter nearly 9 miles through basalt, one of the world’s hardest rocks.
  • Construction Zone: Itaipu Dam
    The Itaipu Dam: Find out how engineers and over forty thousand workers toiled around the clock to create this immense structure.
  • Construction Zone: Akashi Kaiko Bridge
    It's the world's longest suspension bridge - a third longer than any constructed before. It's the tallest and the most expensive suspension bridge.