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National Geographic


Watch Brady Barr's unique methods of getting up close to some of the most unapproachable animals to learn how they survive and thrive in the wild.


  • Croc Week: Crocs of Katuma
    Katavi National Park in Tanzania: an isolated wilderness. Through the park flows the Katuma River: the lifeline for everything that swims, crawls, or walks. Follow the story of two mothersa crocodile and a hippopotamusand see the perils of raising a family in this remote, beautiful location
  • Croc Week: Croc Ganglands
    In a land reduced to sand and water, every day is a struggle for survival. But one creature has conquered these two elements: crocodiles have learned to thrive. Life takes place within a strict hierarchy, and rank must be respected above all else. There's only place for one at the top of the pile. His name is Croc Boss; challenge his authority and the consequences can be devastating. But this year a young upstart known as Phantom will defy the rules and disrupt the neat order of the Crocodile Ganglands.
  • Croc Week: Deadly Summer
    Which animal will he crown the number one venomous culprit in Australia? Come and join Dr Brady Barr and discover the most venomous creatures!
  • Croc Week: Monster Crocs
  • Croc Week: Crocodiles Under The Skin
    Was the crocodile once warm-blooded like us? How do they navigate through the murkiest water and can they survive hideous injuries?
  • Croc Week: The Dark Side of Elephants
    We meet victims of elephant rage and reconstruct their stories. We follow naturalists, hunters and rangers who study and try to control problem elephants. We explore the elephant's mind with the help of eminent elephant biologists, Cynthia Moss and Dr. Joyce Poole and discover what makes elephants tick and why they sometimes resort to extreme violence.