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Witness an extraordinary story of an extraordinary man- Da Vinci. Against the back drop of renaissance Florence, writer David S. Goyer brings the incredible mythos of Da Vinci’s lost years to our screens.
Brilliant and passionate, the twenty five-year old Da Vinci is an artist, inventor, swordsman, lover, dreamer and idealist. A man tortured by a gift of superhuman genius, Da Vinci finds himself in the midst of a storm that has been brewing for centuries- a conflict between truth and lies, religion and reason, past and future. He begins not only to see the future, but to invent it.


  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 1
    The Duke of Milan (Hugh Bonneville) is assassinated just before Easter 1477. Leonardo da Vinci has designed a flying machine that works, and a mechanical pigeon that flies without wires. The Pope Sixtus IV is revealed to have homosexual relationships. Leonardo sells his designs of air planes, automatic load canons and tanks. 
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 2
    Leonardo begins building a war-machine for the Medicis, a mortar of sorts, and his first attempt fails. However, Lorenzo gives him one week to fix it. Meanwhile, Leonardo also continues his search for the Book of Leaves. The Pope sends his nephew to investigate Leonardo and learn more about his prowess.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 3
    Riaro visits the pope to inform him about Da Vinci. Da Vinci goes to a monastery where Vanessa came to aid sisters, who are claimed to be possessed. Because of these incidents, Lupo Mercuri, the curator of the Vatican secret archives, comes to fight the demons, and offers help. Da Vinci disapproves Mercuri's acts, Da Vinci himself not believing in demons. Because of his disbelief, Da Vinci searches for a different reason to the possessed acting sisters.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 4
    Pope Sixtus sends Riaro to Florence for terms of surrender for the city. Da Vinci discovers more to the Sons of Mithras and the Medici family's involvement in its mysteries. Lucrezia takes drastic measures to ensure her safety. Da Vinci comes to the aid of Florence and fends off Rome's invasion with inspiration from the pomegranate. But his successes are short lived when he abruptly gets arrested.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 5
    The trial of Da Vinci for sodomy is immediately revealed to be a mere political ploy of Rome to disgrace the Medicis and Da Vinci realizes that he'll need to resort to more clever ways to thwart the supposed fair trial he's getting. Meanwhile, Lorenzo tries to woo the King and Queen of Spain into using the almost bankrupt Medici Bank to give it a much needed fiscal input. Da Vinci gets a surprise visit from the Turk that coaxes him into remembering an even more surprising memory from his childhood.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 6
    In an effort to learn more about the location of the Book of Leaves, the Turk sends Da Vinci on a mission to locate and rescue the Abyssinian, a cartographer who might help Da Vinci in understanding the map. But the cartographer is being held deep in the Romanian countryside by a terrible foe who is revealed to be none other than Vlad the Impaler, better known as Dracula. Lorenzo offers the Pazzi to marry his brother Giuliano to Camilla Pazzi to end the feud between the two families. Leonardo and his friends manage to rescue the Abyssinian, but he is too hurt to survive. However, he shows Leonardo a tattoo which will allow him to decipher the map and tells him to carve it out his arm to find the Book of Leaves, which is being guarded by Leonardo's missing mother. Meanwhile, Giuliano discovers Dragonetti has records of everyone who broke the curfew and investigates them in order to find the real spy. Lorenzo is attempting to form an alliance with the Duke of Urbino against the impending Roman war and Pope Sixtus is growing ever more tired of Count Riario's failures.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 7
    Needing to find the second key, Leonardo builds an underwater suit and uses it to enter the Vatican from the sewers. The Pope tries to persuade the Duke of Urbino to help him conquer the Medici. Giuliano is angry when Lorenzo tells him he must marry Camilla Pazzi, but after a night with Vanessa, she convinces him its the best for Florence. The Pazzi family stages a reunion with their co-conspirators, one of which is revealed to be Captain Dragonetti while another is killed for having doubts. After Leonardo enters the Vatican, he threatens the Pope and enters the Vatican's secret archive, where the Pope shows him some of its secret treasures in hopes of luring him to his cause using his thirst for knowledge. Riario discovers Leonardo's entrance, and uses his suit to find his friends. Leonardo fights his way out the Vatican. Nico tries to torture Riario and discovers he wears the second key around his neck. While escaping, Leonardo finds a mysterious prisoner, who turns out to be Lucrezia's father and Leonardo works out she works for Rome to save him. Leonardo offers to free him but he refuses. Leonardo escapes and reunites with his friends, who show him a bound Riario and he strips him of the key. Lucrezia tries to escape Sienna disguised, but she's captured by Riario's men. Giuliano arrives in time to save her and confronts her for her betrayal, but she stabs him. Unconscious, he floats down the river.
  • Da Vinci's Demons: Episode 8
    13 years ago, in a reunion of the Sons of Mithras in Constantinople, Al-Rahim told them about Leonardo's coming and gave Cosimo an astrolabe to hide, while the signs said only one of them will live to see that future. In the present, Leonardo and his friends make plans to leave Florence. A rare Turkish hawk guides Leonardo to Al-Rahim, who tells him to embark in a ship called the Basilisk, which he will be able to guide to the place the Book of Leaves is hidden using Cosimo's hidden astrolabe. He tells Leonardo that his choice is to embark and triumph or not do it and fail. Meanwhile, in Florence, Giuliano is late for his wedding after being missing for several days and Lorenzo orders Dragonetti to find him. Francesco Pazzi wants to kill Lorenzo already, but Riario does not want to make him a martyr. Vanessa discovers she's pregnant with Giuliano's child while he wakes up after being saved by a poor man. With his master's help, Leonardo discovers the secrets of Cosimo's tomb and retrieves the hidden astrolabe. Dragonetti and his men intercept Giuliano while he's returning to Florence. Lorenzo is angered with Leonardo's plans to leave, who also informs him of Urbino's betrayal. When Lorenzo asks for his price, Leonardo names Lucrezia but Lorenzo's answer is cut short by the arrival of Dragonetti's guard. Another guard warns Riario, who decides to poison Lorenzo and his family during Easter Mass the following day. Meanwhile, Giuliano discovers Dragonetti's betrayal but on their way back, Dragonetti changes his mind and saves Giuliano's life. Leonardo buys boat passages for Pisa. Afterwards, he confronts Lucrezia about her actions, telling her that her father refused to be freed. She warns him of the Pazzi conspiracy, but he refuses to do anything. In Rome, the Pope argues with Lucrezia's father, who turns out to be his brother. The next day, the priests poison the Eucharistic wafers. Leonardo tells Zoroaster to delay the boat and runs to the church. Giuliano arrives at the church in time to prevent his brother's assassination, but he is killed in the resulting showdown. A repentant Lucrezia saves Clarice and her daughters, but she's caught by Riario, who offers Dragonetti the option to save the Medici women in exchange for Lucrezia, which he accepts. Francesco hurts Lorenzo in the neck, but Leonardo arrives in time to save him and they hole up in a lateral room of the church. Lorenzo sees Lucrezia's ring hanging around Leonardo's neck, and promises to kill him for sleeping with her. But then Riario blasts open the doors of the room. Leonardo and Lorenzo's fate is left hanging.