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National Geographic


Dead or Alive is a brand new series that explores what happens when wild animals and humans collide. 

Each episode features a different deadly predator – Bears, Cougars, Hippos, Elephants, Sharks and Alligators – attacking two different groups of people, resulting in one story of incredible survival, and one story of tragic and sudden death. 

The identity of who lives and who dies is only revealed at the end of the film, and experts explain what might be done in each case to avoid or survive such a brutal encounter.

Who will make it out alive?


  • Dead Or Alive: Gator Attack
    Rookie staffer Meghan gets bitten by a three-footer in the gator pond, while Cory Wilcox and his crew are trapping hogs.
  • Dead Or Alive: Hippo Rampage
  • Dead Or Alive: Trampled On Safari
    An elephant charges towards a billionaire in the Serengeti. An amateur photographer comes face to face with a Zimbabwean elephant. Who makes a lucky escape? And who finds their luck has run out?
  • Dead Or Alive: Grizzly Woods
    Seven teenagers hiking in the wilderness come face-to-face with an angry Bear. And 3000 miles away, an aggressive bear looking for food wakes a group of campers.
  • Dead Or Alive: California Stalker
  • Dead Or Alive: Blood In The Water
    In California, 3 buddies are spending the day fishing and diving, when suddenly a shark brutally attacks one. In South Africa, Kristy watches in horror as a shark attacks her husband. Will he survive?