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DogTown, part of Best Friends' Animal Sanctuary, is the largest no-kill animal facility in the United States. Located in Southern Utah canyon-country, the sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals rescued from around the country and the world. For many dogs, DogTown offers a second chance for rehabilitation, redemption, and a loving home. Each episode follows several dogs' stories, as a full staff of veterinarians, trainers, and caregivers work to help them overcome medical and behavioral issues to transform them from troubled animals to adoptable pets. A series about second chances, DogTown is about people who believe in and inspire possibility-and of dogs that win against the odds. In this season, DogTown helps heal animals that have come from abusive situations: dog hoarding, puppy mills, and dog fighting. Meet the Michael Vick Pit Bulls as the DogTown team works to rehabilitate...

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