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National Geographic


For the past ten years Diego Buñuel has been a foreign correspondent for French Television covering all kinds of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Congo. 
Every time he left for one of his stories, he would tell his production crew in the Paris office, “Don’t tell my mother I am in Colombia, it makes her really nervous.” 
After a few years of traveling repeatedly, Diego realized that the international news coverage, of which he was part of, only focused on the worst headlines possible. 
So Diego embarked on a rather unusual effort; to talk about countries that make headlines, but instead on focusing on the same three basic stories, he extended the reach of his eye to look at a more subtle vision of these countries, full of culture, people, interests that rise high above the daily news reports.


  • Don't Tell My Mother: Johannesburg
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Iran
    While one may not necessarily associate Iran with hip-hop, host Diego Buñuel checks out an underground rap show in Tehran, featuring a performance by a local mullah's son. With a huge following and representatives from more than 30 countries, Diego attends the Olympics of Koran reading where participants memorise and recite entire chapters of the Koran from heart. Meeting with a Jewish antiques dealer in Tehran, Diego shares alcohol made from grapes before visiting one of the city's synagogues and heading over to the Iranian parliament with one of its Jewish members. In Esfahan, Diego takes in a local basketball game and hits the town afterwards with an American player finding stardom in Iran. At Tehran's Museum of Contemporary Art, Diego examines works of Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Andy Warhol, Monet and more - all of which have remained in basement storage since 1979. At the Caspian Sea, Diego hitches a ride with police who monitor the waterways for caviar poachers.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Colombia
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Holy Land
    After 5 wars, the papers are still filled with news of violence. Despite this, our eternal optimist Diego journeys from the Gaza Strip to Jerusalem.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Lions
    Examine the tactics used by a pride of South African lions as they hunt three distinct prey animals in the Singita Game Reserve – The Zebra, Impala, & ultimately the tallest land animal, the Giraffe.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Lagos
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Johannesburg
    Eighteen year old Lia McCord wanted to go to college but her parents couldn't afford the Fees. The A grade students solution to the problem was simple, if a little naïvebecome a heroin smuggler. But her naïve plans went horribly wrong and she faced the death penalty in a squalid prison in Bangladesh.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Iraq
    Flanked by bodyguards, Diego must alter his interview routine after entering Iraq where multiple searches and evening curfews are routine."
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Venezuela
    Flanked by bodyguards, Diego must alter his interview routine after entering Iraq where multiple searches and evening curfews are routine."
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Pakistan
    Considered by the Economist as "the world's most dangerous place" in 2008, host Diego Buñuel ventures to Pakistan to uncover the truth about a country that has the rest of the world on edge.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Tokyo
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Wild Wild West
    Deep political and moral divides have emerged across the United States. Diego travels across the western US and meets the people living, thriving and struggling there.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Russia
    Diego flies through ferocious forest fires and meets some gun-slinging school girls on a wild ride from the materialistic riches of Moscow all the way to the silent spiritualism of Siberia.
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Indonesia
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Somalia
  • Don't Tell My Mother: Kazakhstan
    Diego visits Kazakhstan, a landscape recovering from the ravages of Soviet rule. The people he meets are filled with hope and a city with its eyes firmly on the future.