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National Geographic



TV’s Richard Hammond scours the globe to investigate modern miracles of engineering. Going deep inside some of the world’s most advanced engineering projects Richard reveals the often surprisingly simple, yet fantastically effective secrets that make them tick and how they owe their existence to things as diverse as a bird cage and an ancient Greek death ray. 

Taking our intrepid host hundreds of metres below the sea’s waves to nearly half a kilometre into the sky, Richard’s nerves of steel are tested to the limit as he scrutinises the Airbus A380 in France, Taipei 101 in Taiwan, the Keck Observatory in the US and the incredible Troll-A gas platform off the coast of Norway. 

Nicknamed the Superjumbo, the Airbus A380 passenger airliner is the largest in history. It's packed with cutting-edge technology but owes its very existence to the most unlikely breakthroughs – a Mongolian bow...

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