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National Geographic


To sustain life on Earth, the planet has woven an intricate and delicate balance. How would humans and the planet cope if this balance was drastically and irrevocably altered? Take an unflinching look at exactly how precarious our existence may be. 

World Without Oil: Oil. It makes our modern world go round. We've used it to drive, fly and manufacture our way into the 21st century. But what would happen if the world that so depends on oil suddenly ran out? Visit a planet you will never see. An Earth without oil. How would we have to change our way of life – to live without the product we depend upon so heavily? 

In Population Overload, find out what would happen to the world if the population doubled overnight? How quickly would we run out of water? Power? Food? Mass migration would reshape countries. New high-rises would soar over the cities. But there are only so many resources to be...

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