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Jailed Abroad tells the true stories that would be any traveller's worst nightmare - when a holiday in paradise becomes a journey into hell that ends up in prison abroad. From travellers who, through naivety, stupidity or plain bad luck, have fallen foul of a local legal system and found themselves behind bars in a hell hole jail, to adventurers who have strayed too far off the beaten track and found themselves hostage to guerrilla forces.

Some went in search of adventure, others a new life or the holiday of a lifetime. All ended up in a situationbeyond their worst nightmares. The stories include a naive 18 year old caught smuggling heroin out of Bangladesh to pay for her college fees; a young couple who travelled to Chechnya to set up a children's centre only to become the target of ruthless kidnappers and a journalist who entered Afghanistan in search of a big story but ended up...

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