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National Geographic


MAD SCIENTISTS takes its audience into the basements and garages of some very odd and animated people. Obsessed inventors. Armchair physicists. Amateur chemists, wanabee robotics engineers and mathematics hobbyists. In this often hysterical and always enlightening series, we'll meet the men and women who've challenged science and possibility all in their spare time. Many of them will have provable theories and workable inventions. Some of them will turn out to be crackpots. And one may just turn out to be tomorrow's Einstein.


  • Mad Scientists: 15000 Foot Freefall
  • Mad Scientists: Jet-Powered Office Chair
  • Mad Scientists: Ultimate Rock Crawler
    John works with Cameron Carlson to put a functioning fifth wheel on the back of Carlson's unbelievable rock crawling machine.
  • Mad Scientists: Turbo-Charged Leaf Blower
  • Mad Scientists: The Moon Jumper
    John teams up with the creative garage inventors in Reno, Nevada to design and build a remarkable contraption called the Moon Jumper.
  • Mad Scientists: Basketball-Playing Robot
  • Mad Scientists: Seven minutes underwater
  • Mad Scientists: Water Cannon On Wheels
    John teams up with a man, who builds the coolest wheel chairs, to turn two of Lance's fire-breathing wheelchairs into wacky water-shooting chariots.
  • Mad Scientists: Swamp Flyer
  • Mad Scientists: The 26-Foot Lawn Dart
  • Mad Scientists: World's Weirdest Bike
    Professional builder John teams up with Johnny, a post-apocalyptic “contraptor” with a taste for risk, to create a motorcycle powered by garage door springs. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Mad Scientists: Lawn Mower Hovercraft
  • Mad Scientists: Human Water Rocket
    Rocket man Tim Pickens is challenged to transform his daughter’s water-rocket belt into something powerful enough to lift a professional builder out of a lake.
  • Mad Scientists: Shocking flying Machine
    Aeronautics genius Robert seeks assistance form professional builder John to adapt one of his full-scale aeroplanes so it can fly on pure electricity.
  • Mad Scientists: 26 Foot Lawn Dart
    John teams up with the leader of a group of Detroit fabricators to combine a Roaster Coaster and Air Powered Dragster into one backyard thrill ride.
  • Mad Scientists: Basketball playing robot
  • Mad Scientists: Turbo Charged leaf Blower
  • Mad Scientists: The 26 - Foot Lawn Dart
  • Mad Scientists
  • Mad Scientists: Jet Powered Office Chair