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National Geographic


A dam, a stadium, a bridge and an aircraft: Each was a challenge to build, but now that they've reached the end of the line, they're just as difficult and dangerous to tear apart. We'll take you inside the planet's biggest recycling projects - the tools.


  • Mega Breakdown: NY Scrapyard
    Gershow Recycling - a sprawling 40 acre scrap yard in Long Island, NY. In just one day, this family run business will destroy three million pounds of scrap -- including as many as 500 cars and 20 city buses-- to create a multi-million dollar mound of steel. This family of scrap connoisseurs has only 10 hours to get the job done. They must supply their monster shredder with a continuous lunch of discarded metal. But in the face of a volatile ferrous and non-ferrous metal market, will Gershow come out on top?