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Big, Bigger, Biggest explores the engineering breakthroughs that allowed iconic superstructures to grow in size and scale.

Engineering Miracles reveals the drama, the human interest and the breath-taking technological innovation behind the world's most impressive buildings. They're miracles of modern engineering: built to last; built to excel. Massive structures that changed the face of the world. And each has a story to tell. 

In Mega cities, the key to a city's survival is its vital organs - power grids, transportation systems, water supplies, air traffic control and countless others. Through dramatic storytelling, unparalleled access and sophisticated computer graphics, go beyond the monuments and into the machinery- of each Mega City. Featured cities include: Mexico City, Hong Kong, Mumbai, London, Paris, NYC, Las Vegas and Sao Paulo. 

Megabreakdown continues to take on some of the...

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