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National Geographic


When it absolutely has to get from Point A to B, overnight, or even in hours…every day, millions depend on UPS. To the tune of four billion packages each year. Step inside the largest, most efficient and high-tech automated delivery system on the planet in UPS. More than a courier, UPS is a transportation network of staggering proportions, complete with a meteorology centre, a flight-simulation training hub, and the eighth largest airline fleet in the world. And at the heart of it all is their Ultimate Factory in Louisville, Kentucky, a pulsing, pounding, 24/7, four million square foot one-of-a-kind technological wonder. 

In Fire Truck, see the ultimate machine that Pierce Manufacturing has created: the 100-Foot Heavy Duty Ladder model. This firefighting powerhouse is a jack-of-all-trades. It can reach 100 feet, and shoot water jet at a blaze-busting two thousand gallons a minute. Top...

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