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National Geographic


Another season with the DeYoung Family Zoo as they bring in new arrivals, face big challenges and prepare to celebrate the zoos 25th anniversary in style!


  • My Life Is a Zoo: Show Me The Hippo
    After a lonely winter Bud and Carrie welcome their zoo family - volunteers and guests alike - back for the zoo's 25th year. On top of their day-to-day chores, the two are busy preparing for the arrival of their latest, largest attraction, a baby hippo. There's a lot of work to be done before he arrives. But when an unsuspecting chicken wanders into the tiger pen and a cat hoarder dies leaving a house of feral cats in need of good homes, Bud and Carrie must step in. Things really get tense with the arrival of distressing news: the cost to ship the hippo has gone up… a lot. Bud and Carrie will have to raise the funds, pray for a miracle or break their promise of having the first baby hippopotamus in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • My Life Is a Zoo: White Tiger Trouble
    The busy summer season is in full swing at the DeYoung Family Zoo, a large private zoo in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. With crowds pouring in, Bud and Carrie struggle to keep up. Their to-do lists grow longer and longer by the minute. And Emo, an inbred white tiger needs to be neutered before he spreads genetic defects to future generations. Bud and Carrie struggle to prepare an operating room but it's one interruption after another - a car show by the lion pen, a pampered potbellied pig, a dog who got in a fight with a porcupine and a litter of fox kits that need their help. Finally, the operating room is ready and the vet arrives. But the surgery is not without complications.
  • My Life Is a Zoo: The Hippo Has Landed
    June has just begun, but the DeYoung Family Zoo, a privately owned zoo in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is already well into its busy summer season. Bud and Carrie are always on the go and, on top of all their day-to-day chores, the zoo's largest new arrival is on its way from Jakarta, Indonesia. After an 11,000-mile journey, Wallace, a 400-pound baby hippo, is already proving to Bud and Carrie that he may be a kid, but he's calling all the shots! With a lot of coaxing and the help of some tasty carrots, the DeYoung Family Zoo finally welcomes its new hippo -- now Bud and Carrie just have to feed him! To add to the stress, Carrie has just started a "no-kill" animal rescue - Piper's Place - and is hoping that a fundraising event will bring in the money she needs. The balloons are up and the cake is cut, but can Carrie raise the thousands of dollars needed to keep Piper's Place afloat?
  • My Life Is a Zoo: Special Delivery
    At the Houston Zoo a twenty two-month wait is almost over - Shanti the Asian elephant is due to give birth. No-one knows exactly when the great event will happen and tension builds as the days pass, especially as the zoo keepers know Shanti has a volatile temperament and the birth will be fraught with danger. Also in this episode, the zoo vets must decide what to do about a suspected cancerous growth on the leg of a chameleon, and the carnivore keepers set a challenge for their Malayan tiger.
  • My Life Is a Zoo: Urban Jungle
    We might think our cities of glass, concrete and steel are immune to the dangers of nature. But we're wrong. Wild creatures survive and even thrive in the heart of the city.
  • My Life Is a Zoo: Pig Politics
    Thinking water is drying up in the Savannah, Harold, the Pig, took it upon himself as the leader to rescue everyone. And like any self respecting politician, he resorts to bribery, food and craftiness.
  • My Life Is a Zoo: Faster, Stronger, Wilder
    It's sports day on the Savannah and all the animals gather for the competition. Watch who gets to eat and who gets eaten. But is it a case of sheer muscle, or will the cunning and wile win the day?
  • My Life Is a Zoo: Hyena Queen
    Get unprecedented access into the lives of a hyena clan and its queen on the Mala Mala game reserve in South Africa. Filmmaker Kim Wolhuter wins the trust of a hyena clan and gains an in-depth understanding of hyena behavior. His stunning and dramatic photography captures hyenas as never before. Their daily struggles, rivalry with lions, specialized form of communication and their tenderness and devotion as mothers proves that they are not the cackling scavengers of popular imagination.