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National Geographic


Naked Science series, a new series digs beneath the surface of some of the most fascinating scientific subjects and mysteries of our time. With contributions from some of the world's foremost scientists, the series examines the newest scientific developments and theories and uses moving human-interest stories, personal experiences and the latest computer-generated graphics to bring a range of science subjects vividly to life.


  • Naked Science: Space Tourism
    Space Tourism might sound like the stuff of sci-fi movies, but the reality could one day be different. This documentary takes us on a journey to discover what a space travel might be like. Through the eyes of space visionaries, behind the scenes of some of the most audacious aerospace projects, we'll reveal the spacecraft that one day might rocket you to the edge of space, explore how space travelers could vacation in space hotels, discover how we could live on faraway planets, and one day travel through worm holes to distant galaxies.
  • Naked Science: Parallel universes
    Parallel universes, strange hidden worlds, where an alternative reality exists have haunted science fiction for decades. Parallel universes sound like a myth, but a surprising number of leading scientists believe they are real. National Geographic delves into the mysterious science of other universes and discovers that many of physics most cherished theories actually predict that there are other universes beside our own. But what are they like? Could we ever visit them? And if we did, who or what would we meet? The reality is weirder than any science fiction.