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National Geographic


Shocking wilderness unfolds as state of art forensics and photography reveal the unknown acts of our animal kingdom. Get up close with predators and see how their instincts make them the fittest when it comes to their survival.


  • Predator CSI: Bodiless Bear
  • Predator CSI: Revenge of The Elephants?
  • Predator CSI: Zombie Alligators
    Lake Griffin, Florida. A killer is on the loose, striking some of the states oldest inhabitants. American Alligators, up to fifteen feet long and 1,000 pounds, thrash sporadically at the surface of the lake. Dozens swim around and around in circles, disoriented, while others clamber out of the lake dragging their back legs behind them. Still more float belly up, unable to right themselves. The unmistakable stench of death fills the air. A crack team of leading experts and scientists is hastily assembled but none of them expect what lies ahead.
  • Predator CSI: X Bear
    High above the arctic circle, on a remote Canadian island, an American sports hunter shoots what he believes is a polar bear. He is mistaken. His Inuit guide has never seen an animal like this before. The killing unleashes an investigation by the Canadian authorities. But no-one can tell exactly what he has shot. The hunter is under threat of prosecution for a crime he says he didnt commit. Scientists pour over the only evidence they have the corpse of an animal theyve never seen before. With each new discovery the mystery deepens as they try to discover the exact species of this animal.