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National Geographic


Celebrating the ever-changing nature of our relationship with the Earths amazing water systems, "Rivers and Life" reveals how the cultures and lives of millions of ordinary people


  • Rivers And Life: Yangtze
    The Yangtze basin is home to 400 million people.They have learned to live over generations with floods and disasters but thats about to change.
  • Rivers And Life: Amazon
    A place of incredible biodiversity and beauty, the Amazon and its people are increasingly threatened by the pressures of a changing world.
  • Rivers And Life: Ganges
    The Ganges is the most spiritually revered river on Earth but it had become so badly polluted that it is unsuitable to bathe and drink from it.
  • Rivers And Life: Mississippi
    The Mississippi is a river of sound - music, wildlife, voices, weather, even the sound of the river itself.
  • Rivers And Life: Rhine
    Rhine not only an inspiration and a beauty by itself but one of the busiest waterway in the world, flowing from the Swiss mountains to Holland.
  • Rivers And Life: Nile
    The Nile encapsulates the story of ancient civilisation and the story of modern conflict and modern consumerism