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National Geographic


Every year, hundreds of millions of tourists head off in pursuit of adventure in foreign lands - and each year, millions of them get a little more adventure than they bargained for. 

Anyone can be a victim of a crime but it seems to come naturally to tourists. 

But while you try to avoid the thieves and con artists, economist and author Conor Woodman actively seeks them out. 

Travelling to the world’s great cities with an undercover team and hidden cameras, Conor exposes the ruthless ploys used to steal your hard-earned holiday cash by getting himself scammed, robbed and conned so you won’t.

Be warned, in the eyes of the criminals, every tourist is a victim waiting to happen!


  • Scam City: Marrakech
    In the city of Marrakech, Conor Woodman dodges dancers and snake charmers as he is led by false guides to fake rugs sold by shady shop keepers.
  • Scam City: New Orleans
  • Scam City: Mexico City
    Diego Bunuel dives into the sewers and runs from canine immigration agents to discover just how creative the residents of Ciudad Mexico really are.
  • Scam City: Rome
    Conor is on a mission to uncover the gritty underworld that crawls under the thriving tourist scene of Rome. There is a turf war underway, in which tourists have become the spectators and the prize.
  • Scam City: Bangkok
  • Scam City: Marrakesh
  • Scam City: Istanbul
    The exotic blend of Istanbul can be both fascinating and disorienting and, as travel expert Conor Woodman finds, a perfect environment for scammers to target vulnerable tourists.
  • Scam City: Las Vegas
    Conor Woodman is in Las Vegas – A city of sex and swindlers, its bright neon lights hide its seedy underbelly. He’s dips into the shadows to discover some uncomfortable realities of life in Sin City.
  • Scam City: New York City
  • Scam City: Jerusalem
  • Scam City: Paris
    Constructed in the nineteenth century, the sewers of Paris extend 2300 kilometres-the distance from Paris to Istanbul. This episode takes a look inside these vaulted tunnels where a million cubic metres of waste flows through the Parisian sewage system every day. The sewers are the digestive system of this mega city, bringing in life-giving fluids and carrying out waste. It examines the dangers of what it takes to keep the system running smoothly. The episode follows Phillipe Bussignies, who has been working on the sewers for the past 25 year as he and his team lay out thousands of miles of fibre-optic cables through the sewer tunnels using a Cable Laying Robot. Megacities explores this system beneath the Paris streets, where the inky blackness is broken only by the glow of fibre optic light. Paris plans to become the world's first fully connected wireless city.
  • Scam City: London
  • Scam City: Amsterdam
  • Scam City: Bogota
  • Scam City: Prague
    Conor Woodman is in Prague where he comes into contact with scammers involved in currency exchange scams, short changing scams, fake drug scams, female pickpockets, taxi scams and clip joints.
  • Scam City: Buenos Aires
    Conor Woodman discovers that many visitors leave Buenos Aires after being scammed by pickpockets, con-artists, and grafters. He sets out to discover the city’s common scams that involve tourists.
  • Scam City: Barcelona
    Conor Woodman visits Barcelona, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and a hot spot for con men and thieves. He sets out to see exactly who these people are, how they operate.
  • Scam City: Rio
    Conor is in Rio at Carnival time, when millions of tourists arrive for one of the biggest parties on the planet. And with so many tourists out on the streets, it's party time for Rio's scammers too.
  • Scam City: Mexico