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Exotic culture lures and engages our imagination. But the mysteries within each culture often seem too dangerous, too cursed, too renegade or too sacred for our everyday sensibilities. Through our rituals, we celebrate birth and death, prepare for travel, marriage or conquest, unleash the power to heal and transform ourselves, and enter into another world. A world where daily rules no longer apply, where witches, spirits, and shamans dwell -the world of taboo. Taboo, tapu, or tabu.... no matter how you spell it, the Polynesian word conjures up images of cultures that transcend this mundane life for the "other world". But is that all? Taboo is anything banned by social custom, any way of being or practice deemed unacceptable for one group or another. Behavior once commonplace, rituals that once defined and preserved a culture, which have now been forbidden, or gone underground. This is the world of Taboo -secret, sacred, off the grid, and yet, part of the everyday experience of humanity.


  • Taboo: Extreme Collections
  • Taboo: Inked Pierced & Hooked
  • Taboo: Strange Observations
  • Taboo: Prison Romance
  • Taboo: Secret Lives
    Do we really know who our co-workers, loved ones, and friends are? Maybe not as well as we think. Nat Geo opens a window into the lives of individuals leading a double life with surprising secrets.
  • Taboo: Freaky Remedies
    Conventional western medicine is based on science, research and technology. But in cultures around the world, many still look to monks, mystics and magic potions, putting their faith in extreme cures.
  • Taboo: Booze
    It's mankind's oldest intoxicant. But alcohol is also the drug that kills more people than any other. From Labor Day weekend parties in Arizona to binge-drinking resorts in Spain, alcohol shapes the lives of those who drink it in ways that can be heart-breaking and deadly.
  • Taboo: Extreme Fighting
  • Taboo: Teen Sex
    Teenagers begin having sex at different ages & for different reasons. But how their families & societies deal with this sexual development, varies wildly according to their cultures and beliefs.
  • Taboo: Strange Behavior
    In every society, there are unwritten rules of behaviour and codes of conduct that allow people to co-exist. When individuals break those rules, they’re often shunned by the rest of their community.



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    Exotic culture lures and engages our imagination. But the mysteries within each culture often...

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