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from a crane to see if they really do explode; and he tries to hatch a chicken from an egg bought in a supermarket. During the series we visit a lightning laboratory and see What Would Happen If you hit various objects with a lightning bolt ranging from an umbrella to a water melon. Jem Stansfield and Chris Hill, our scientific duo, build various props to find out What Would Happen If…? on such a diverse range of objects as ice runners on a sled for a summer (winter) sport; would a nodding dog kill you if you had to do an emergency stop; can you make breakfast in a paper bag over an open campfire etc. Mike Bullivant, our 'kitchen' scientific expert will produce extraordinary things with food items ie. make plastic out of potatoes; extract DNA from a kiwi fruit; and make soap from combining fats with a caustic agent. Our Go Large presenters - Little and Large - test 'larger than...

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